Your website should be a faithful, digital depiction of your brand – a "living brochure."

For your website to be effective, your customers and prospects must find it engaging, informative, easy to navigate and even easier to take action.

If what we have described does not hold true for your website, we can change that by revamping your site or building a new one, to your specifications and our exacting standards.

Aldis Group utilizes a number of tools that will drive valuable, revenue-generating traffic to your site. They include Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns, Google AdWords, Billboards (and other out-of-home media) and e-Mail Blasts.

We monitor and report on your site's activity employing accurate, in-depth data from Google Analytics. This data lets us track landing page quality, conversions, lead generation, the source and location of visitors, time spent on your site and so much more.

For e-commerce sites, we also track sales activity, transactions, revenue and other metrics which gauge the performance and profitability of the site.

Collectively, the data gives us insight into your customers and prospects, and enables us to continually optimize your website and improve your marketing strategy.