While at the forefront of the digital ad revolution, the principals of Aldis Group never lost sight of the power and value of traditional advertising.

In the post-digital world, traditional media remain very strong for brand-building campaigns, for generating excellent ROI, and for accurately and rapidly measuring audience reaction.

Currently, traditional media accounts for 51% of all advertising:

  1. TV is still remarkably popular, reaches loyal audiences, and takes up a whopping 31.5% of all advertising.
  2. Radio accounts for a stable 6.5% of the total and is especially strong reaching 80% of auto commuters.
  3. Out of Home is steady at 3% and is attractive because it offers large size ad formats (Think: billboards, wall signs, airport &train station signs, bus wraps, etc.); it reaches affluent, educated consumers; it has great recall; and it is the most efficient ad medium at driving online activity.
  4. Newspapers, Magazines and Trade Journals comprise 10% of all advertising. They are amazingly effective and surprisingly cost-efficient.
  5. Direct Mail is bundled in with print for statistical purposes, but it is unmatched in its ability to precisely reach target audiences with target-specific messages.

Aldis Group optimizes traditional media for our clients by calling on the skills and expertise of our specialists in each area:

  1. Budgeting, Media Planning, Researching & Buying are coordinated so we can negotiate lower rates in order to reach your target market more cost effectively.
  2. Campaign Strategy is devised to integrate flawlessly on traditional and digital platforms.
  3. Creative Concepts are matched to the media so that we reach your target audience in each medium with compelling ads.
  4. Ad Testing allows us to refine marketing approaches and improve ads in each medium for maximum impact.